2013 April

15 Apr: How to deploy an Elasticsearch cluster easily

Here is a simple sh allowing you to deploy ElasticSearch on multiple servers with dedicated roles: master, slave or monitor. -Master: can be an Elasticsearch master, acts as load balancer on the cluster, doesn’t store data and can use the http transport. -Slave: a data node, can not be an Elasticsearch master and can not use the http transport. -Monitor: doesn’t store data, can not be an Elasticsearch master, hold plugins and can use the http transport….

09 Apr: Transfert files from Hadoop to a remote server via ssh

When working with Hadoop, you produce files in the hdfs. In order to copy them in one of your remote servers, you have to first use the get or the copyToLocal command to copy the files in your local filesystem and then use a scp command. But this two steps process is not really efficient since you are double-copying the files. sshj is a pure Java implementation of SSHv2 allowing you to connect to an sshd server…