2016 December


23 Dec: HBase: having fun with the shell

HBase shell is a full interactive JRuby shell (IRB) providing tools allowing you to query your data or execute admin commands on a HBase cluster. Since it uses JRuby, this shell is a powerful interactive scripting environment. This post is not about presenting you the commands available in the shell, you can easily find documentation or article on the Internet, but more about the possibilities of the shell. Add custom command Actually, there is not easy way…


06 Dec: Knox in production: avoid pitfalls and common mistakes

I’ve already post articles about Knox some weeks ago about two subjects: how to use the HBase REST API througth Knox and how to submit Spark job via the Knox API. In my current mission, many projects are now using Knox as main gateway for many services like HBase and HDFS, but also for Oozie, Yarn… After some weeks of development and deployment in production, I’ve decided to write a post about some troubles that you may…