2017 February


23 Feb: Testing BigData projects

Writing tests that use a traditional database is hard. But writing tests in a project using Hadoop is really harder. Hadoop stacks are complex pieces of software and if you want to test your Hadoop projects, it may be a real nightmare: – many components are involved, you are not just using HBase, but HBase, Zookeeper and a DFS. – a lot of configuration is needed – cleaning the data of the previous tests relies on many…


15 Feb: Fitting Java and Python with JPY

There are many libraries in Java (more than 176,649 unique artifacts indexed just on Maven Central), but sometimes you can not find what you are looking for, except for a Python equivalent. In a previous project, I had to deal with custom MaxMind databases. Maxmind provides a Java library with a database reader, but does not provides a database writer. After some researches, I found one official lib in Perl, and an other (unofficial) in Python. Since,…