24 Jun: Protobuf and lib conflicts: how to use gRPC with HBase

I’m a huge fan a gRPC. Really. I’ve talk about it some months (years now…) ago, and for now, it met all my needs: high-performance, light, well-structured, simple… and an active community behind it. Even Netflix, one of major pro-REST approach advocate in the open source community, began the switch to gRPC the last year and place Ribbon, their huge client side IPC library, in maintenance mode. And the ecosystem still grow: Nginx recently annonced a native…


06 Oct: Find and kill slow running queries in MongoDB

In Mongo, or more generally in any data storage engine, queries or updates that take longer than expected to run can be caused by many reasons: – Slow network – Wrong schema design (we all have seen the famous all-in-one table…) – Wrong database design (“let’s store 100To of data in a standalone mongod!”) – Bad partitioning (Hbase table with 200 regions with 2MB of data) – Lack of useful indexes – No statistics – Incorrect hardware…