15 Feb: Fitting Java and Python with JPY

There are many libraries in Java (more than 176,649 unique artifacts indexed just on Maven Central), but sometimes you can not find what you are looking for, except for a Python equivalent. In a previous project, I had to deal with custom MaxMind databases. Maxmind provides a Java library with a database reader, but does not provides a database writer. After some researches, I found one official lib in Perl, and an other (unofficial) in Python. Since,…


17 Oct: Advanced tools: playing with Java Native Access

This post results from a recent deep diving in the source code of Elasticsearch, which uses JNA mainly for memory management when configuring the mlockall. I will present you how to use JNA in a very simple example: how to check the user who has launched the JVM. Note Remember that when you are thinking about solution using OS native calls, you must deal and depend with platform librairies. So use it carefully and only for specific…