Hadoop Managed Services
Layer4 Hadoop Managed Services provides ongoing management of your Hadoop infrastructure so you can focus on your applications. By implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure, we help to reduce operational overhead and risk. Gain all the benefits of Hadoop without the headaches and complexities, and focus on your business while we take care of building and running your clusters.
Infrastructure Operations Management for Hadoop
– Runs on your servers, at your location, but managed by Layer4, 24/7
– Built using a proven reference architecture, get up and running within 3 weeks
– Customise the architecture in iterations based on workloads
– Get an SLA for your cluster and focus on your business applications
– Your team has access to all machines at all times
– Integrate with your monitoring systems
– When you’re ready, we will hand over the keys

What Hadoop Managed Services provides

Patch Management
We takes care of all of your software patching activities to help keep your resources current and secure. When updates or patches are released from your Hadoop vendor – including HortonWorks, Cloudera – Layer4 Hadoop Managed Services applies them in a timely and consistent manner to minimize the impact on your business. Critical security patches are applied as needed, while others are applied based on the patch schedule you request.
Incident Management
Layer4 Hadoop Managed Services monitors the overall health of your infrastructure resources, and handles the daily activities of investigating and resolving alarms or incidents.
Elasticity and agility
We scale your cluster on demand. Just call to let us know there are additional racks in the DC. We’ll remotely test the hardware and expand your deployment to take advantage of the new capacity with zero down time.
Optimized for performance
When you're dealing with data on a massive scale, even small friction points can slow you down a lot—or end up blocking you entirely. At Layer4, our operations team is working for you around the clock to ensure your data environment is ready and optimized to get your jobs done quickly. The hardware, networking, and software are specifically and tuned for fast, reliable job completion.
Change Management
Layer4 Hadoop Managed Services provides simple and efficient means to make controlled changes to your infrastructure. If you want to deploy add a service or change a configuration settings, Layer4 Hadoop Managed Services enables you to quickly and easily make the request through a dedicated self-service console. Changes follow a set approval process, and most changes can be executed immediately, while others can be scheduled for execution at a later time.
Plans and pricing

Layer4 offers multiple support plans priced per-machine-per-month or, for large volume and clouds with dynamic scale, we offer per-region pricing with flexible node ranges.

Fully Managed
Price per node from 200€/month/node from 500€/month/node from 800€/month/node
Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Named Support Contacts lists_page_icon_7* lists_page_icon_7
Availability & Response Times
Access Phone and Web Phone and Web Phone and Web
Hours of direct support ** 8 x 5 24 x 7 24 x 7
Severity 1 Response *** 1 Business Day 4 Hours 1 Hour
Severity 2 Response *** 2 Business Days 8 Hours 4 Hours
Severity 3 Response *** 3 Business Days 1 Business Day 8 Hours
Severity 4 Response *** 5 Business Week 2 Business Days 1 Business Day
Support Services Provided
Remote Troubleshooting SSH SSH SSH
Knowledgebase lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Customer Support Portal lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Advanced diagnosis (installation, configuration, performance issues…) lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Components supported
Core (Apache HDFS, Apache YARN, Apache MAPREDUCE) lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Apache Spark lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Apache HBase lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Apache Zookeeper lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Apache Oozie lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Apache Knox lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Apache Sqoop lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7
Apache Hive lists_page_icon_7 lists_page_icon_7

Minimum of 12 nodes

* Depending on size of cluster
** Excludes Layer4 Holidays
*** Initial response time


Severity 1, Critical: Production system is down or severely impacted such that routine operation is impossible
Severity 2, High: Production issue where the system is functioning but in degraded or restricted capacity
Severity 3, Medium: Production issue where minor functionality is impacted or a development issue
Severity 4, Low: Request for information with no impact to business operations

Business Hours

Business hours are defined as 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday (local time based on Paris), excluding Layer4 holidays.

Extended Components

Need Apache Solr, Apache Hawq, Apache Zeppelin or Apache Nifi? We can manage a wide range of services for you.

Technical Account Manager

Get a dedicated support person for your account. This support engineer will be assigned to your organization in order to have a deepest understanding of your business and your needs.

Get your Hadoop cluster managed in 3 steps
We build your cluster
Together, we design your Hadoop cluster based on your hardware, scale, roadmap, applications and monitoring system. This happens on your site, in your datacentre or hosted at a third-party facility.

We operate your cluster
We take responsibility for the remote management and availability of your cluster. Your SLA covers uptime and performance. Your hardware and software are proactively monitored. Scale on demand with additional racks.

We transfer control
On request, we’ll give you the keys. We offer training and a handover process with on-site cloud reliability engineers to ensure a smooth handover.
 Frequently Asked Questions

Hadoop success is mostly about operations. But Hadoop is hard, really. In production, it can quickly be a nightmare for your IT team: job failures, hardware headaches, relentless software updates, never-ending search for more Hadoop operations people… Building an Hadoop cluster requires domain expertise, cloud know-how, and detailed platform knowledge. Layer4 is helping organisations get the most out of their Hadoop deployments: we operate the Hadoop part, you run your apps. The real benefit of Hadoop is the ability to focus exclusively on your business, the things that differentiate you.

Infrastructure-as-a-service providers like Amazon EMR and Microsoft Azure HD leave you to run everything yourself, with a lot of headaches and hair-raising surprise costs at the end of the month.

No. Hadoop Managed Services manages security, installation, configuration, or monitoring, but does not manage applications.

Hadoop Managed Services currently supports any Linux OS (Red Hat Enterprise, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux…). We do not support Microsoft Windows Server based deployment.

Yes, Hadoop Managed Services focuses on managing operations, no matter the platform.

Currently Hadoop Managed Services provides support in french and in english.

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